What to look for in Marylebone... Why invest here?!

Date Published 14 December 2015

Marylebone has become one of the top locations to invest in, where demand is very high for this central London area. It has a real community feeling, where the majority of the residents reside in flats, closely neighbouring one another and walk to work, whilst spending in their local shops. Decorated with boutiques, numerous side-streets of independent shops as well as offering splendid outlets to enjoy a mouth-watering meal; Marylebone really does emit a Continental, European city feeling.

Marylebone also provides an undisputed excellence of healthcare providers, with a number of hospitals including: Weymouth street hospital, King Edward's hospital, Portland Hospital and the world renown, prestigious Harley Street clinic. Taking Harley Street Clinic in particular observance, this excellent service not only brings this feeling of splendour, but also adds great value to the Marylebone property market. If we take a closer inspection at property prices along Harley Street, we can see just how investable this area can be. In the last 10 years, the average sale of a 2 bedroom flat along Harley Street has been £898,265 and when compared to the average current valuation of these properties, which is £1,557,923 - this produces an average annual capital growth of 5.5% and following this 10 year period, a rise of 55%! In addition, in terms of the rental figures, the current achievable rental average is 4,365 (pcm) which produces a rental yield of 3.36% annually.

Marylebone is also home to the University of Westminster, which is situated along Marylebone Road. This leading education establishment radiates the area with innovative minds, who are not hindered by the stunning architecture, which inhabits the area. Rarely can you find such a location as Marylebone, which achieves a balance between peaceful serenity, but at the same time provides a centre for sightseeing and quenches the thirst for entertainment. This is one of the key reasons that so many students decide to study in the Marylebone area. Some of the most adored sites that you (or your potential tenants) can look forward to sharing a home with include: The Wallace Collection, Regents Park as well as the charming long strands of independent shops. But it must be stated, in recent times some of these independent shops have become victims of their Marylebone home's own success, with many leading retailers usurping them of their prized hotspot. In addition, some other neighbouring attractions, only a short walk away from Marylebone postcodes, include: The Sherlock Holmes Museum as well as the extremely popular, Madame Tussauds; Marylebone really does have it all!

Although Marylebone strives in its uniqueness and individual splendour, it does not suffer an exclusion or sense of remoteness from the rest of London, with a great number of transport links including train stations and frequent buses that pass through the area. Marylebone tube and rail stations are situated in close proximity to one another, serving the Bakerloo and national rail services respectfully.

If you would like any more information about the Marylebone area or require any advice on your investment endeavours, please do not hesitate to contact us.