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With Marylebone Annual Property Values 1% Higher, This is My 2018 Forecast 18 January 2018

Looking at the newspapers between Christmas and New Year, it seemed that this year"s sport in the column inches was to predict the future of the British housing market. So to go along with that these are my thoughts on the Marylebone property market. With the average 5-year fixed rate mortgage at 1.... Read More

Marylebone Apartments are only 21.4% more expensive in REAL terms than 10 years ago 20 December 2017

My research shows that certain types of Marylebone property are a little more affordable today than what the newspapers might make you think. Roll the clock back to 2007 just before the credit crunch hit which saw Marylebone property values plummet like a lead balloon and the Marylebone property market had reached a peak with the prices for Marylebone property hitting the highest level they had ever reached.... Read More

78.85% of Marylebone and Westminster is Built on ... Building Plot Dilemma or Not? 12 December 2017

Well the fallout from the recent Budget is still continuing. I was chatting to a couple of movers and shakers from the Marylebone area the other day, when one said, "There isn"t enough land to build all these 300,000 houses Philip Hammond wants to build each year".... Read More

Increase in Interest Rates to cost Marylebone Home Owners £1,492.24 a year 22 November 2017

Marylebone homeowners will be among those affected by the latest rise in the Bank of England interest rates. The first increase in 10 years; they have just been raised from 0.25 percent to 0.5 per cent. This uplift comes as inflation hits a 51-month high of 2.... Read More

Analysing the W1B area with particular focus on its main assets: Park Crescent and Portland Place – how does this small piece of Marylebone`s investment puzzle fare in the property market?! 26 September 2016

Often in life the little things can pass us by, and in property investment the same can be said about small areas or petite perimeters within larger neighbourhoods; the W1B postcode within our beloved Marylebone is certainly an area which is regularly overlooked during discussions about the property market.... Read More

Studio`s or 1 bedroom properties, is there much difference between these property types? How do the two compare with each other in the property market and which one provides us with a more profitable investment prospect? 19 September 2016

Of late we seem to have taken a huge step towards the bigger property investment scene, where investors have not only taken the direction of 2 and 3 bedroom properties recently, but our weekly articles also seem to have followed this trend too. Of course, this is likely the most beneficial buy-to-let route to take, as this investment choice would rake in significantly more income than a Studio or 1 bedroom property, but what about those investors who choose to buy cheaper homes, have a smaller budget, or simply prefer dealing with smaller properties?.... Read More

Continuing our NW1 research with Marylebone competing against King`s Cross! - How does the investment outlook compare between these two influential areas, or in other words who kicks whose investment butt?! 12 September 2016

We don"t have to travel far from last week"s properties, as we are going to be focussing on Marylebone"s NW1 once again, but the will of the people has been decided - and for this week our challenger is going to be King"s Cross; another influential NW1 sector of the property market.... Read More

Magnifying the large NW1 area`s investment prospects – on your marks, get set, and go! Should we be sprinting towards Marylebone`s NW1 territory, or are there better buy-to-let properties to be found between Regent`s Park and Camden Town`s NW1 perimeters? 05 September 2016

Recently, quite an interesting pattern has emerged regarding the property investment enquires that I have been receiving, and much of that curiosity has been concentrated along the different NW1 sectors of not only Marylebone, but also Regent"s Park and even further up towards Camden Town.... Read More

Does the bigger property investment scene in Marylebone display good buy-to-let potential? Time to check out how much rental income a 3 or 4 bedroom property could get you in the current market! 29 August 2016

Well last week we discussed the buy-to-let investment scene, with particular focus on the rental side and in terms of 1 and 2 bedroom properties. I am pleased to say that I received quite a lot of positive feedback, where a series of individuals found the article to be very stimulating, and while some suggested a few details could be added to enhance the content, others voiced that the points raised were very informative and that it helped with their judgements.... Read More

Bought or looking for a new 1 or 2 bedroom property recently? Let`s take a look at the current Marylebone rental market and see how much income a buy-to-let investment can generate for you! 22 August 2016

So if you"ve recently bought or have been searching the Marylebone market for a new 1 or 2 bedroom property to add to an already existing collection of properties or even as a first purchase, then you may find this week"s article particularly interesting and one which will certainly apply to you!... Read More

Crossrail arriving near Marylebone by 2018! What will this new service provide and how will it influence future investment choices, as well as the property market as a whole? 15 August 2016

Crossrail is a new upcoming venture organised between ‘Transport for London" and ‘The Department for Transport" to build a new railway linking Maidenhead and Heathrow in the West, to Sheffield and Abbey Wood in the East. Construction has already begun, with the central section of the line forecasted to be complete by the end of 2018; Crossrail is set to be Europe"s largest construction project, and the biggest infrastructure plan to be carried out in London for over 20 years.... Read More

Marylebone VS their elite London rivals Belgravia – how far is the gap between property values as well as rental prices between the two areas, and what sort of capital growth rates have we witnessed over the last year? 08 August 2016

Lately, as a result of Marylebone"s continued success in the property market, growing from strength to strength – especially in the last couple of years, a higher volume of people have begun placing Marylebone in the same breath as some of London"s elite neighbourhoods.... Read More